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wAkE up歌词翻译CnBluE

Now wake on up uh little girly don't forget what they said(起床啦,小女孩!不要忘记大人们喊的) The early birdy gets the wormy time to get outta bed(该起床了,早起的鸟儿有虫吃) Go on and let down your bun co-come on lets have...

歌曲名:《Wake up》 歌手:CNBLUE 专辑:《Code Name Blue》 作词:JUNG YONG HWA 作曲:RYO, JUNG YONG HWA 发行时间:2012-08-29 歌词: You need to be yourself. You can't be no one else. You need to find out. You can't be 'Oasis'. Y...


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